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We Care About Pigs!

27 August, 2015

We Care About Pigs!

At Off The Track we care about the produce we use to create our extensive restaurant menu.

We use free range pork and bacon in all our menus, and not only because it tastes superior, but because we are proud to be able to support NZ free range pig farmers. 

What does free range mean?

Free range in New Zealand means that the pigs live in open paddocks with shelters, and they are free to roam about. Pregnant sows (female pigs) are kept in groups in paddocks that have shelter, shade and wallows. When the sows are ready to give birth, they are moved into an individual straw filled hut that’s warm, dry, and draught free. Farming this way gives the pigs the best life possible, and allows the natural pork flavours to develop meaning that you get the best tasting pork possible.

Our favourite ways to enjoy free range pork

At Off The Track Restaurant, we offer a range of pork and bacon related dishes. Our rolled pork middle dish is a regular favorite with lunch and evening diners. The pork middle is stuffed with apricots, roasted garlic and sweet basil. It is accompanied by potato mash, steamed vegetables and a side of tasty home made gravy. Try this dish to experience and enjoy our free range pork at its very best.

If you’re after a lunch time treat, than look no further than our B.L.A.T.  Our B.L.A.T. is a satisfying sandwich, made with our delicious free range home-made bacon, fresh lettuce, and tomato topped off with guacamole and aioli sauce.

And don’t forget our classic pork sausage and mash. Our talented chef turns our free range pork into delicious herb and onion sausages,  and then serves them with potato mash, gravy and steamed vegetables with honey mustard.

We source our free farmed pork from Freshpork NZ, a specialist pork meat wholesaler. Freshpork NZ have farms throughout the country, with our pork coming from one of their free range farms in Levin.

Make your reservation today to try our delicious free range pork and bacon dishes, you won’t be disappointed.

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