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Planning Your Wedding

19 February, 2016

Planning Your Wedding

Are you considering making a commitment for a lifetime of love, happiness, good times, and all the rest that comes with marriage? Off The Track restaurant is a popular Wedding Venue so we thought we would share some helpful ideas and wedding planning tips to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. 

Where do you begin? Well, Hawkes Bay is a lovely place to get married. The weather is always great, it's a beautiful part of the country and the wine is terrific.  Here is a timeline and some helpful suggestions to get you set on the pathway to an organized and relaxed wedding.

The Wedding Budget - Consult with all the parents and fiancé. This gives you a great starting point. Knowing how much to budget for allows you the freedom of choice.

Selection of Bridesmaids, Attendants, and Ushers – The number of bridesmaids, attendants, and ushers maybe determined by your budget, the length of time to travel to the wedding and many other variables that are out of your control. Don’t stress; just go with an open mind and enjoy yourself.

A Wedding Consultant – If you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, you may look into hiring a consultant to help steer you in the right direction. Shop around for the one that feels right for you. Or get family and friends onboard to take over some of the duties. 

Venue – Once you pick the date, locate and pick a wedding venue. Remember, certain days are busier than others, and you may have to book well in advance. (We think Off the Track offers a perfect venue for a wedding, call us to find out why!)

Register for Gifts and Begin The Guest List – Once you have registered for gifts, made your guest list, and handed a copy over to your bridesmaids, the wedding showers will be getting organized!  There are a few different options in New Zealand including Mildred & Co and The Lovely.

The Wedding Dress and Apparel – Time to go shopping. You can purchase, hire, or even have one made. Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect dress, veil, shoes, et cetera. The fiancé will have to be fitted for a tuxedo, the bridal party will need to have dresses and accessories selected, and the groomsmen will also need to be fitted. 

Planning the Reception – This is a very important day, and you want to enjoy yourself, so planning is key. The decorations, the flowers, the food, the wine, the cake, and the music are all very important. Order well in advance and remember Off the Track is a fully licensed restaurant and café and would love the opportunity to work with you. We serve a wide variety food and have on hand many of Hawkes Bay finest wines: sparkling, whites, reds and rose.

Select Your Celebrant – Select a celebrant that feels right for you, it maybe a minister from your church, a local celebrant or Justice of the Peace. Also apply for your marriage license at least two weeks before the wedding, it takes time to process and you don’t want to be caught short on time. Hawke's Bay has plenty of great celebrants to chose from. 

Invitations and Thank You Cards – Once the date is set and venue is selected it is time for the ordering of the invitations and thank you cards. Give people plenty of time to organize their schedule to attend. You may look into booking rooms for travelers, and remember, Off the Track has three fully contained cottages to rent. The venue has beautifully landscaped lawns, a large children’s play area, and some beautiful views of Te Mata Peak.

Flowers, Music and Cake – Next, the flowers need to be ordered. You will need bouquets, boutonnieres, mothers’/fathers’ corsages, and also, floral arrangements for both venues. The music is to be chosen and the cake to be ordered.

Photographer, Transport, and the Honeymoon – You may want to look into hiring a photographer who can offer videos of  the wedding.  (John Miles is a great local choice) You will need transportation (Hooters Vintage and Classic Vehicle Hire) to the venue/s and book a honeymoon. DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT and visa may need to be updated, especially if you have booked a vacation out of NZ.

Most of all, enjoy your day. Remember that Hawkes Bay has everything you need to plan a perfect wedding.

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